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Learn about how teachers can effectively support other teachers in professional development, sharing best practices, and improving instruction.

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  • Improving Your Teaching With an AI Coach

    New tools are leveraging artificial intelligence to help teachers glean insights into how they interact with students.
    Stephen Noonoo
  • Using Technology to Build Trust in Teacher-Coach Relationships

    These tools and templates for scheduling, feedback, and reflection can help build trust between instructional coaches and teachers.
  • Reinventing Your School Data Wall

    Student data can be organized in ways that better encourage organic conversations around the trends you’re tracking.
  • Embracing Patience in Education

    For school administrators, it’s tempting to rush into new initiatives, but setting a slower pace offers many benefits.
  • Rethinking the Role of the Instructional Coach

    When instructional coaches also teach in the classroom, they can build mutual trust and respect with teachers.
  • How Instructional Coaches Can Use Co-Teaching to Support Teachers

    A matrix based on a teacher’s belief in themselves and their belief in students can facilitate effective instructional coaching.
  • Who Should Evaluate Teachers?

    Integrating peer review systems into teacher evaluations can lead to improved teacher effectiveness, academic achievement, and collaboration among colleagues.
  • Building Confident Educators 

    In order for educators to develop a sense of self-efficacy, they need sound teaching strategies.
  • The Case for Instructional Coaching Throughout a Teacher’s Career

    Staff and students alike benefit when teachers are given the opportunity to collaborate, problem solve, and improve their craft through coaching across their careers. 
  • Building a Positive Staff Culture Takes Work

    If schools want a strong collegial atmosphere, they need to foster it intentionally—both across the school and on smaller scales.
  • Using Video for Professional Development

    When teachers film themselves in the classroom, it helps them reflect on and improve their teaching practice.
  • Research-Backed Ways to Improve Feedback for Teachers

    New research shows that common methods of delivering feedback may not be the most effective.
  • Promoting Teacher Retention Through Mentoring

    The first years of teaching are hard, but a strong mentoring relationship within a supportive induction program can make all the difference.
  • Weaving Play Into Professional Development

    When teachers find ways to embrace their inner child, they can more easily empathize with their students’ learning experiences.
  • 9 Questions You’ll Be Asked at an Instructional Coach Interview

    Making the transition to a new role can be stressful, but you can prepare for the interview to demonstrate that you’re the best candidate for the job.

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